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Netherland : A New Exports Destination from India

Exciting news for Indian businesses! The Netherlands has become India’s third-largest export destination, overtaking traditional partners like the UK and Germany. This surge comes despite a slight decline in India’s overall exports, highlighting the Netherlands’ growing importance as a trade hub.

Exploring the Trade Landscape

According to data released by the commerce ministry, the Netherlands has emerged as a pivotal trading partner for India, securing its position as the third largest export destination for Indian goods during the fiscal year 2023-24. Despite a marginal dip of over 3 percent in overall merchandise shipments, India’s exports to the Netherlands showcased resilience, recording a steady increase to $22.36 billion from $21.61 billion in the previous fiscal.

Table 1: India’s Exports to the Netherlands

Fiscal YearExport Value (in billion USD)

The remarkable growth trajectory of exports to the Netherlands is a testament to the strategic importance of this European nation as a gateway to the broader European market. Trade experts attribute this phenomenon to the Netherlands’ efficient ports and robust connectivity with the European Union through various modes of transportation including roads, railways, and waterways.

Driving Factors Behind the Surge in Exports

Key commodities driving India’s export growth to the Netherlands include petroleum products, electrical goods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Notably, petroleum products accounted for a significant portion of India’s exports, amounting to $14.29 billion in the last fiscal year.

Table 2: Main Commodities Driving India’s Exports to the Netherlands

CommodityExport Value (in billion USD)
Petroleum Products$14.29
Electrical Goods$2.65

Strengthening Bilateral Ties between India & Netherlands

India and the Netherlands share a longstanding history of diplomatic, economic, and commercial relations dating back to 1947. Over the years, both countries have worked towards enhancing bilateral cooperation across various sectors, leading to mutual benefits.

In addition to trade, investment flows between India and the Netherlands have seen significant growth. Foreign direct investment (FDI) from the Netherlands to India surged to $5 billion in the last fiscal year, underscoring the confidence of Dutch investors in India’s economic prospects.

Table 3: Foreign Direct Investment from the Netherlands to India

Fiscal YearFDI Value (in billion USD)

Furthermore, the presence of over 200 Dutch companies in India, including industry giants such as Philips, Akzo Nobel, DSM, and KLM, reflects the depth of economic engagement between the two nations. Similarly, Indian companies have made significant inroads into the Dutch market, with prominent players like TCS, HCL, Wipro, and Infosys establishing their presence.

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The Road Ahead

Looking ahead, the trajectory of India-Netherlands trade relations appears promising, driven by mutual interests and complementary strengths. With concerted efforts to leverage existing synergies and explore new avenues of collaboration, both countries are poised to further deepen their economic partnership in the years to come.

As Mumbai-based exporter and Chairman of Technocraft Industries, Sharad Kumar Saraf, aptly puts it, “The trend of increasing exports would continue in the future also,” underscoring the optimism surrounding the growth prospects of India-Netherlands trade relations.

In conclusion, the evolving dynamics of the India-Netherlands partnership exemplify the power of strategic collaboration in fostering economic prosperity and creating shared value for both nations. As they navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing global landscape, India and the Netherlands stand poised to unlock new avenues of growth and prosperity through their enduring partnership.

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