What is pwip?

pwip is the world’s first digital-inventory based open and transparent marketplace where one can trade food and Agri products in real time. We are here with a different approach, to break a lot of barriers, myths and to empower the ecosystem with right knowledge on food products like origins, age, source price, and seamless shipping.


Buyer Features

Daily Trade Dynamism Captured

Charting mechanism to capture the fluctuations in the market price on a daily basis.

Bulk Ordering

Place large orders within seconds. Best part? Order directly from the source.

Real-Time Pricing

No more hassle of making calls to find out a commodity’s price. Get access to real-time sourcing price anywhere, anytime - just at the click of a button.

See Before You Buy

Order product samples at reasonable prices before you make the big purchase. We just made your life sa4implerrrrr!

24 X 7 X 365 Support & Assistance

Our experts are always on the field to help you get the best.

Auto book mode available

Skip making calls or manual repeated purchases - book on auto mode thus getting timely orders and deliveries.

Seller Features

Online Dashboard

Sales Snapshot, Order Status, and Recent Sales Activity.

Sell at your own terms

Place your bid price, decide how much you want to sell and where you want to sell.

Upload your product catalog

Unlimited product listings with an easy-to-use user interface.

Credible Buyers with Payment Surety

Access to credibility score of the buyer and be assured of the payment when you do business with them.

End-to-End Assistance

Orders, packaging, logistics, documentation, payments, buyer credit risk insurance, transit insurance, documentation, quality inspection.

Create Promotions

Increase sales, push old inventory or make room for new, or pass on cost savings to loyal customers.

Is your food really coming from where you think it is coming?
Are you sourcing products on a real-time basis or at a fabricated costing?
We at pwip are relentlessly working towards lifting this dark blanket and opening it up to the world.

About pwip

pwip exemplifies a young and fresh perspective on the food and agri business. We are here to help farmers, agriculture practitioners, and small manufacturers to be able to sell beyond boundaries. At the same time, we want to enlighten the global food ingredient buyers by showcasing them the real story behind how their food products are being sourced, and establish transparency in the market.


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