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Export Market Update in Recent Weeks: Mango, Onion & Rice Exports!

1. New challenges have hit Mango exporters & farmers this year! 😔

Due to the crisis in the Middle East, Freight rates have gone up from 250 rs per kg to 400-500rs per kg, which is a massive 50% charge hike for an export trade. Mango has a shallow shelf life, and the window for export is only for 8-10 weeks. The Major hit will be on farmers growing export-quality mangoes, as these mangoes include very high input costs & labor intensive  & selling these rejected consignments in the local market at a low cost is a heavy loss to farmers. 

With cargo terminals reducing the overall percentage of perishable goods to 30% per flight and preferring general cargo, especially US-bound pharma consignments that can afford high freight charges, exporters find it hard to secure slots. 
While vegetables and flower exports are already facing the brunt of this cut-throat competition, the latest goods to be impacted are fruits, especially mango.

In 2023, Bengaluru had witnessed a 124% increase in mango exports, from 3 lakh kg to 6.8 lakh kg.

2. Good News on Onion Exports – Ban Lift! 🤩

India lifted the ban on onion exports but with a minimum export price of $550 per metric tonne, coupled with a 40 percent duty on shipments to control domestic prices. The government says this won’t affect consumers and aims to help farmers. Analysts predict onion prices may rise in the coming weeks. The government is taking steps to manage onion prices by creating a buffer stock.

Consumer Affairs Secretary Nidhi Khare mentioned The modal price at Lasalgaon mandi in Nashik was ₹15 per kg in April. The decision has been taken after considering the latest estimates of onion production in the rabi season at 191 lakh tonnes, which is comfortable. And the monthly domestic demand of onion is around 17 lakh tonnes. Availability and prices of onion in global markets were also factored in while making this decision.

Look below at onion export data from India.

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3. Govt allowed Non-Basmati Exports to Mauritius.😁

India allows 14,000 MT of non-basmati white rice exports to Mauritius. Recent DGFT notification has notified on this shipment of Rice but of course, it will go through NCEL.  

In April-February FY24, India exported $790.58 million worth of non-Basmati white rice as against $2.2 billion in FY23. In 2023-24, Kenya, Mozambique, and Vietnam were the top destinations of Indian non-Basmati white rice whereas $7.48 million of the product was exported to Mauritius.

Do you think India will also lift the ban on white rice after Onions recently? Let me know in the comments. ⬇️

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